Helping the Youth Reach Success

 Our Mission

Our Mission

Series 1 aspires to develop a new way to inspire the community - without the use of the repetitious lectures that the community has become accustomed to.

We Succeed

We Succeed

Our goal is to teach inner city children how to succeed in America by bringing awareness and togetherness to the community we live in.

About Series One

Series One mission is to help children reach success by working towards their future goals and exposing them to a more diverse setting.

Motivation and Inspiration

Series One are huge advocates of team and relationship-building , networking, fundraising, sports, and motivational speaking.

Inspiring the Community

We plan to share what we've acquired about average day life from inner city families and apply our experiences to our youth programs.

Key to Success

Preparation is the most important key to success, and we are preparing our youth and shaping their talents for opportunities to come.

Education Programs

We focus on educating children on subjects that are significant to the individual, by providing college tours, reading marathons, creative writing classes and so much more.

Sports Programs

Series One has sports programs designed to enhance youth's physical ability at their own pace. We encourage the youth to eat and live in a manner that will help them to their way to success.

Cultural Programs

Our culture programs include plays, art galleries and exhibits, photography, dance, fashion and traveling.

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